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Documents You’ll Need For Your Car Accident Claim

You’ve been in a car accident in Wichita or another location in Kansas. The medical expenses are adding up fast. You are forced to miss time for work and are losing income. The cost to repair your car is more than you thought – or it’s totaled. If a negligent driver caused your accident, you...

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Kansas Drops Bill To Curb Fatal Distracted Driving Accidents

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month—and drivers should remember to stay focused Distracted driving is one of the most deadly and preventable causes of car accidents in Kansas. While this type of bad driving behavior is blamed for causing thousands of fatal accidents across the U.S. each year, the problem is particularly pronounced in Kansas....

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Study Reveals Fatal Crashes Involving Cannabis Are on the Rise

Wichita car accident attorneys explain what this means for drivers Even before outside states legalized recreational marijuana, the drug has been contributing more and more to fatal car accidents, according to a new study. The percentage of roadway fatalities involving cannabis or a combination of cannabis and alcohol more than doubled over 19 years. However,...

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Kansas Plans To Improve High-Risk Rural Road Safety

Street safety typically focuses on stopping bad car accidents in big cities, but there needs to be room at the table for rural roads, too. Almost half of the roughly 36,000 roadway fatalities reported annually in the U.S. occur on rural roads. In 2019, the fatality crash rate on rural roads was almost twice as...

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Wichita Motorcycle Wreck Highlights the Problem of Hit-and-Run Accidents in Kansas & Across the Country

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Wichita explains A motorcycle accident in Wichita caused by a driver who fled the scene of the crash recently resulted in the death of a popular music promotor and the subsequent arrest of the hit-and-run driver, according to several news reports, including KAKE ABC News other local sources. The fatal...

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Why Maximizing the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim Matters

American households are carrying nearly twice as much medical debt as anyone previously believed, according to new research. In 2016, the estimated medical debt was $81 billion. Now, the amount Americans owe to hospitals, doctors, specialists, labs, and pharmacies is about $140 billion. This is just the tip of the iceberg, analysts say. The $140...

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