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I-70 in Kansas Among Nation's Deadliest Highways

Why are certain highways more dangerous than others? What's the most dangerous highway in Kansas? Interstate 70 leads the way for the most car accident fatalities in the state, according to a recent traffic safety study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison. "Each state has dangerous highways, but some routes claim far more lives than others,"...

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Holidays Bring Higher Risk of Impaired Driving Crashes

Kansas motorists reminded to driver sober this holiday season. The holiday season in Kansas can be a special time of year. However, it is also a time when car accidents caused by drunk drivers become more frequent. To combat this issue and prevent collisions caused by impaired drivers during the holiday season, several organizations have...

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KDOT's Major Expansion Project Aims to Solve Wichita's Traffic Woes

The Kansas Department of Transportation recently began preparation work on a $260 million road improvement project designed to reduce traffic congestion on Kansas State Highway 96 in Wichita as well as reduce the number of car accidents in Kansas' largest city. "This timely project will address deteriorating pavement conditions, congestion and safety issues on K-96,...

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U.S. Traffic Deaths Decline, But Kansas Stays Level

Early fatal crash estimates for 2023 are giving traffic safety advocates hope that a dramatic rise in deadly traffic accidents will finally decrease. Over the first two quarters of 2023, the number of road deaths decreased by 3.3 percent nationwide compared to last year. In Kansas, fatal car accidents are about the same as last...

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Compensation for Concussion After a Car Accident

Car accidents in Kansas frequently lead to severe injuries, with concussions being one of the most common outcomes. These traumatic brain injuries can occur when the brain is jolted or strikes the inside of the skull due to the impact of a car crash. Seeking immediate medical attention is crucial for concussion victims, as the...

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Wichita Reports Decrease in Fatal Car Accidents

This is a good sign, but more needs to be done to protect road users. Fewer fatal car accidents have occurred so far this year in Wichita, according to city officials, who are encouraged by the trend but warned residents to remain vigilant and do their part to keep car accident deaths low. “Watch your...

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Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Skyrocket in Kansas & the US

In recent years, fatal pedestrian accidents have been on the rise across the United States, posing a significant threat to public safety. Unfortunately, Kansas has not been exempt from this alarming trend. Understanding the pedestrian fatality trend The surge in fatal pedestrian accidents is a national concern. Since 2010, pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed by 77%,...

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Motorcycle Safety in Focus as Riding Season Revs Up

The rising number of motorcycle accidents prompts safety reminders In Kansas, more and more motorcyclists take to the roads during the spring and summer months. But with the increase in the number of motorcycles comes a growing concern over the safety of bikers. Motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities have become a significant public concern. Statistics...

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