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The "100 Deadliest Days Of Summer" Are Here

Young man (19-20 years) driving car, looking at mobile phone.

Now is the time when teen drivers are the most at risk of fatal car accidents

Memorial Day weekend recently kicked off the unofficial start of summer. But unfortunately, the May holiday also marks the beginning of the "100 Deadliest Days" when it comes to car accidents involving young drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

"Teenage drivers are always more at risk because of the inexperience, sometimes they have a casual attitude, they you know, overrate their ability, they're over confident," Mike Johnson, owner of Wichita Driving School, said recently in an interview with KAKE ABC News.

Summer car accident statistics

Hundreds of people die every summer in car accidents caused by young, inexperienced drivers across the country. According to AAA, the automobile associated reports that more than 7,000 people died in car accidents involving teenage drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 2010 to 2019. Such figures add up to more than seven fatalities each summer day.

"Teens lack the experience, skills, and maturity of a seasoned driver, which contributes to an increase in the chance that there will be a deadly outcome, not just for the teen driver but also for any passenger as well as others on the road," AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland said in a statement released by the organization. "So we all have a vested interest in ensuring that teens are safe behind the wheel."

Why car crashes happen in summer

Car accidents caused by young drivers during the summer happen for several reasons. According to AAA, the most common causes include:

  • Distractions by other young passengers in the vehicle.
  • Inexperience driving at night. There's limited visibility and more fatigued/impaired drivers on the road when it's dark.
  • Many younger drivers often don't wear a seat belt, which increases the likelihood of a car accident injury or fatality.
  • Younger drivers who go over the speed limit. Speeding puts teens, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk.
  • Distracted driving, which ranges from peers in the vehicle to texting while driving.
  • Fatigued teenagers who fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Drunk driving, even though teenagers are not legally allowed to drink.

How to prevent teen car accidents

There are many ways younger drivers can avoid causing a car accident. Safe driving tips provided by AAA include:

  • Talk with young drivers about the dangers of driving at night, speeding, distracted driving, and other high-risk behaviors.
  • Enroll younger drivers in a driver's education course.
  • Place limits on when young drivers can drive at night and how many passengers they can have in the car at one time.
  • Set a good example for younger drivers by driving safely and responsibly.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of many parents, severe or fatal car accidents involving young drivers still occur. When they do, injury victims need to know their rights and understand their legal options. That's why it's critical to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Why you should hire a lawyer

Don't underestimate the complexity or the severity of your car accident. In many cases, injury claims turn into complicated legal cases. And if you don't fight for the money you rightfully deserve, you could have to pay for your injury-related expenses (which can add up to thousands of dollars or much more) out of pocket.

We know what's at stake at Warner Law Offices in Wichita. That's because our experienced car accident attorneys have been fighting for the rights of injury victims in Kansas for decades. Our knowledge, extensive courtroom experience, and resources have helped us obtain millions for our clients.

Discover what we can do for you. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation with a Wichita car accident lawyer. We handle injury claims throughout Kansas and look forward to helping you with your potential legal case.

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