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Can You Amend a Kansas Accident Report?

police accident report with car keys on top

If you were involved in a car accident in Wichita, it’s a good idea to call the police for several reasons. First, they can secure the scene to prevent the situation from getting worse. They can call for help if anyone is injured. And they will also conduct an initial investigation of what happened and complete an accident report.

This report, known as the “Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report,” will contain valuable information about the crash, including the time, date, location, posted speed limit, whether the accident was a hit-and-run or involved a drunk driver, and whether there were any injuries or fatalities.

There will be information about the drivers and vehicles involved. The investigating officer will also list contributing causes and include a narrative and diagram of the accident.

What kinds of mistakes can be found in accident reports?

This official police report will be essential in determining whether you receive any financial compensation and how much. But police can make mistakes. What if information in the report is wrong, or information is missing? You may be able to get the report amended, but you need to act quickly.

The types of errors that are sometimes seen in accident reports include:

  • Factual errors – The information about your vehicle or the road where the accident happened may not be correct. Or the name of your insurance company is wrong.
  • Transcription errors – Officers take notes at the scene and may misread these notes later when completing an accident report. So if you explained that you were traveling at 35 mph, it could show up on the report as 55 mph.
  • Errors of omission – This is information you told the officer at the scene that was left out of the final report. For example, you said you were feeling pain in your leg. But if that is not included in the report, the insurance company will think you reported no injuries.
  • Disputed information – For example, you came to a complete stop at a stop sign before the crash. But the other driver says that you didn’t stop.

An experienced Wichita car accident attorney is ready to help

It is important to get a copy of your accident report as soon as it becomes available. You’ve carefully reviewed the report and found errors or missing information. Now what? It's in your interest to contact a car accident lawyer to deal with the police for you. Your attorney can take steps to correct errors in the police report and set the record straight.

While we don't recommend going through this process alone, here are the steps you can take if you find something wrong in your accident report:

  • Contact the local or state police department that was at the scene. If possible, speak to the officer who completed the accident report.
  • Be polite. It’s understandable if you are upset about the mistakes you found. But keep in mind that the officer is under no obligation to make any changes.
  • Clearly describe the errors you found. Explain what the report says and why that is wrong.
  • Gather documentation. Be ready to provide proof that there is a mistake in the report. This could be a photo, witness statement, or a copy of your insurance policy.

The officer may agree to make changes to the report or amend the report with the correct information. Note that disputed information is unlikely to be changed. However, you may be allowed to include a statement as an addendum to the report.

It’s important to get trusted legal advice if you find an error in your accident report – especially if you have the opportunity to include a statement. The attorneys at Warner Law Offices have been fighting for the injured for decades and are ready to help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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