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Bus Recalls Have Been Issued for Navistar and Daimler Models

Kansas truck accident attorneyThe school bus is a staple of the modern American student’s day. Tasked with transporting millions of children to and from school on a daily basis, the school bus is held to a high standard for child safety and accorded consideration by traffic laws. That's why it's so concerning that Navistar and Daimler each issued recalls last year over potential problems with their new buses. The recalls, which both went into effect in December, were recently the subject of an article by

Brake Problems

The problem that Navistar is seeking to correct involves the air brake system. Due to the layout of certain components, they found that a portion of the brake line may suffer abrasion damage from the wheels during full turns. This abrasion may eventually lead to an air leak in the line, which would hinder or disrupt brake function. According to the recall paperwork, the company received concerns about the issue in May and began investigating the causes and possible solutions. Upon finding a solution in October, they filed for a recall and expected dealers and owners to be fully notified by mid-December. Vehicles subject to the recall will have the brake line adjusted to avoid contact with the wheels. Any parts showing signs of abrasion will be replaced.

A Fire Hazard

Daimler is also addressing an abrasion problem with their lines. In this case, the concern is that propane lines may come in contact with the transmission yoke, increasing the chances of a propane leak. Any such propane leak then runs the risk of proximity to an ignition source and could result in a fire. Daimler’s recall report states that they launched an investigation into the possible issue in July and, “out of an abundance of caution,” issued the recall in October. The recall involves bringing in Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner C2 school buses for inspection and, if needed, rerouting the propane line to eliminate the possibility of contact with the transmission yoke. Dealers and owners were expected to be fully notified by mid-December.

We applaud the commitment to safety these recalls represent, but we are also deeply concerned that these recalled buses were allowed to get on the road and transport school children with these potential safety issues in place. It is, as always, the responsibility of manufacturers to identify ways their products may endanger users and address them quickly. Our children are of special importance to parents across Kansas, and so we also urge any districts with a bus subject to recall to respond quickly. Any delay in having the manufacturer repair these problems puts lives at risk. As always, we will continue to fight for the rights of anyone victimized by bus accidents. Contact Warner Law Offices today for more information on how we can help you.

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