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Documents You’ll Need For Your Car Accident Claim

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You’ve been in a car accident in Wichita or another location in Kansas. The medical expenses are adding up fast. You are forced to miss time for work and are losing income. The cost to repair your car is more than you thought – or it’s totaled. If a negligent driver caused your accident, you have the right to seek financial compensation.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the claims process. An experienced car accident lawyer can take care of that for you. But there is some documentation your lawyer will need from you to move your claim forward. This includes:

Your accident report

When police respond to a crash scene, they will do several things. They will secure the area to make sure things don’t worse. They will get medical attention for anyone who is injured. And they will also conduct an initial investigation into your crash. The police will then complete a Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report with their findings and the information they gathered.

Medical records

The damages you suffered in your accident include all medical expenses for treating your injuries – both now and in the future. Keep all records related to every aspect of the care you are receiving. These include records for ambulance service, emergency room treatment, hospitalization, follow-up visits with doctors, prescriptions, and physical therapy.

Proof of income

If you were hurt in a crash caused by a negligent driver, you can seek financial compensation for lost wages if you were unable to work. You will need to provide financial documents to verify the amount of income. These can include pay stubs, direct deposit records, and tip records.

Vehicle value and damage estimates

You can also seek compensation for damage to your vehicle. But in order to determine how much, you will need to have some documentation. This could include repair estimates from mechanics and auto body shops. If your car can’t be repaired, you can get an estimate of its cash value through resources such as Kelley Blue Book.

Car accident journal

While this is not an official document or record, a journal can help you keep track of essential details about your accident. As soon as you can after your crash, write down your account of what happened. Include everything you can remember. Update the journal with details about how your daily life has been impacted by your injuries.

A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim

Recovering the financial compensation you deserve after a wreck can be a lengthy process. Insurance companies will use every tactic in their arsenal to justify paying you less. That’s why you need an experienced Wichita car accident lawyer who knows how to fight back.

At Warner Law Offices, our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for the injured. We know how to gather evidence and documentation to help us build a strong case that the insurance company has to take seriously. We are dedicated to helping clients get no less than the compensation they deserve, either through a negotiated settlement or jury verdict.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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