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Is It Safe to Place Trust In Your Doctor?

Kansas medical malpractice attorneyDoctors and other medical staff are highly trained professionals who generally seek to provide the best possible care. They are also human. Sometimes, they make mistakes. This includes failing to properly communicate important information to other medical staff.

The stakes are high in healthcare. And while there are many things medical professionals and hospitals can do to limit the chances of a mistake impacting patients, there are things you can do to protect your health and safety.

Communication is Key

Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet offers a number of areas of concern. Many of them come down to clear communication with your medical providers at all times. Even something as simple as verifying that medical professionals have washed their hands can help prevent infections. Infections in hospitals can also be attributed to IV lines that have not been changed frequently enough, blood transfusions, and ventilators that cause pneumonia.

Medications are another important area of concern. Make sure your doctors know exactly what medications you are taking. Make sure the dosage is right, as well as the frequency and purpose for all medications prescribed to you. Don't simply take someone's word for it. Verify the necessity of anything that goes into your body.

Other Areas of Concern

Some problems arise due to unnecessary medical work. In fact, the most common type of medical error is misdiagnosis. This can lead to medications and procedures that fail to address the original problem and can cause additional harm.

In addition, unnecessary medical tests can put a strain on your body. Recent studies have shown that unnecessary blood transfusions are done far too often.

Patients should trust their doctors. And the best way to build that trust is by asking questions.

  • Does your doctor have a history of medical errors?
  • Does your doctor have the knowledge and experience to address your medical needs?
  • Can your doctor offer unbiased solutions?

Medical professionals are not perfect. Mistakes happen. Sometimes, they forget important information. Other times, they miss details or make the wrong decision. Patients need to feel comfortable discussing and questioning their care. After all, you are the one who suffers. You are the one whose life may be on the line.

Own that process. Take charge of getting the information you need. And if you sustain an injury or illness due to medical malpractice, contact us immediately. We can help you take control of your recovery. We're on your side.

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