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Why Seek Medical Attention after a Rear-End Crash in Wichita?

Kansas car accident attorneyAfter a rear-end crash occurs, everyone involved in the accident may sustain injuries and incur medical expenses and missed time from work. The financial losses from an accident can be very high, as even slow-speed rear-end crashes can cause lots of damage. Bankrate, for example, indicates a rear-end collision between a car and SUV can lead to close to $10,000 in property damage even if cars are going as slow as 10 miles an hour.  The damages from injuries can be greater, as victims could sustain whiplash, trauma to the head, and other serious damage to the body because of the impact of the collision.

Kansas drivers are all required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) and Kansas is a no fault state. This means every motorist who is in a car accident can get medical bills paid and partial wage loss benefits through his or her own insurer, regardless of who was at fault. Crash victims who are not at fault and who sustain serious injuries may also be able to make a civil claim for broader compensation, including payment for pain and suffering, from the driver who hurt them. Kansas law also requires the purchase of liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage, so insurance coverage should be available to compensate crash victims who can prove another driver was to blame.

Whether a collision victim is making a PIP claim or is seeking compensation from an at-fault driver's liability policy, it is up to the victim to be able to demonstrate he is entitled to compensation and to be able to demonstrate the amount of compensation he needs and deserves. In order for victims to successfully be able to recover compensation, this means they must get medical attention immediately after a rear-end crash occurs.

Why Seek Medical Attention After a Rear-End Accident 

Victims of a rear-end collision need to seek medical attention immediately after a rear-end accident because auto insurers look for reasons not to pay out injury claims. Insurers will pay out claims only if policyholders and crash victims are able to prove they are entitled to receive compensation for medical bills and other losses caused by injuries.

Medical records prepared by a qualified doctor after an accident are one of the key pieces of evidence crash victims use to prove they are entitled to money from insurers.  If a victim doesn't get medical help after an accident and has no documented proof of injuries, insurers could try to deny injuries exist or could try to claim injuries were caused by something else.  The stronger the medical evidence, the less chance there is for an auto insurer to be able to deny a legitimate claim or refuse to pay for crash losses.

A lot of money is at stake, with Auto Insurance Center reporting the average payout for a PIP claim in 2013 was $8,017 and the average payout for a bodily injury claim in the same year was $15,607.  You don't want to miss out on compensation because you are missing medical evidence. Get help from a qualified doctor after an accident so you'll have proof of injuries to present to an insurer.

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