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Wichita Reports Decrease in Fatal Car Accidents

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This is a good sign, but more needs to be done to protect road users.

Fewer fatal car accidents have occurred so far this year in Wichita, according to city officials, who are encouraged by the trend but warned residents to remain vigilant and do their part to keep car accident deaths low.

“Watch your driving habits as well as those around you because even though driving defensively is super important, so is driving courteously around for those that are around you,” Wichita Police Department Sergeant Brian Mock said in an interview with KSNW Wichita News.

Why are there fewer car accident fatalities this year in Wichita? And what can drivers do to keep these numbers low the rest of this year? Our car accident attorneys at Warner Law Offices have the answers to these questions and more information below.

Wichita car accident deaths lower this year

The Wichita Police Department provided accident data for the city to KSNW Wichita News. Mock told KSNW that there have been 16 car accidents in Wichita so far this year that resulted in 16 fatalities. To put such numbers in perspective, Mock noted that 23 people died in 20 car accidents in Wichita as of the same time last year.

The KSNW story was first reported on July 3. Sadly, since then, there have been other fatal car accidents in Wichita. A 22-year-old woman was struck by a car and died in a fatal pedestrian accident while trying to walk across I-235 in Wichita on July 22, according to WIBW News.

Car accident fatalities have been high in recent years. Between 2017 and 2021, there were 63 car accident fatalities on average each year in Sedgwick County. Those figures are based on accident data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Why are Wichita car accident fatalities lower?

Wichita police cited several reasons why car accident deaths are lower so far this year in the city:

  • Speeding-related accidents are down so far this year.
  • Fewer drunk driving accidents also helped reduce the number of car accident deaths.

Wichita police have also increased enforcement in high accident locations. “Essentially, since we know speeding is a big problem and a contributing factor in these wrecks, we try to go places we know people as speeding as well,” Mock said. Police have also been educating drivers more about the dangers everyone faces on the road.

This year also hopefully marks the return to more normal car accident rates. “We’ve had more traffic fatalities in the last couple of years than homicides. I just think it’s a combination of things,” Wichita Police Department Captain Wendell Nicholson said in an interview last year with KSNW News.

What can drivers do to prevent car accidents?

Police offered several suggestions for reducing the risk of fatal car accidents in Wichita:

  • Drive defensively and expect the unexpected.
  • Be courteous to other drivers on the road.
  • Continue to obey the posted speed limit and not excessively speed.
  • Never drive drunk.
  • Share the road with motorcyclists.
  • Watch for pedestrians when driving. Last year in particular, pedestrian accidents were extremely common in Wichita.

Why should I hire a Wichita car accident attorney?

When a car accident occurs in Wichita, so many legal issues often come up, including who will pay for your accident-related expenses. Our Wichita car accident lawyers at Warner Law Offices know what’s at stake. That’s why we want to help. When you have our legal team on your side, you can demand the money you deserve. That way, you can focus on what matters most – your recovery.

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