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Injured Due To A Missed Diagnosis?

Our lawyers know how to get results for victims of medical negligence

When we are sick, we seek treatment. But before medical professionals can help us, they need to be able to diagnose the problem. When there is an error in diagnosis, we don’t get the treatment we need and our condition can get worse. When you were harmed as a result of a missed diagnosis, the experienced lawyers at Warner Law Offices can help.

There is no question that doctors are highly trained. The path they take to their careers is a long and challenging one. This makes it all the more unacceptable when they fail to use their training to properly treat a serious medical condition. When a doctor or any other medical professional fails to diagnose an illness or disease, or misdiagnoses a medical condition, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel as soon as your missed diagnosis is known.

A record of success in medical malpractice cases

A missed diagnosis can turn what was once an easily treatable medical condition into a serious medical problem involving costly medical care and a poor prognosis. Some of the more common types of failure to diagnose claims involve cancer, a heart attack, pneumonia, infection and stroke. A missed diagnosis may lead to the worsening of the original condition or even new complications that arise from the use of unnecessary medication.

There is also a financial impact with a missed diagnosis. You may need multiple diagnostic tests, multiple doctor appointments, medication and possibly surgery and hospitalization. Your medical expenses can add up quickly and become overwhelming. There may also be a loss of income if you can’t work.

Our experienced legal team understands all aspects of medical malpractice law in Kansas. We have built a team with practical medical experience that understands different types of medical errors and omissions that frequently occur in hospital or medical practice settings. Our success in such cases is based on the fact that we are medical malpractice lawyers, not attorneys who occasionally handle a these types of cases.

Medical professionals and facilities often deny negligence and may not admit to doing anything wrong. Insurance companies will often fight your claim for compensation and try to pay you as little as possible. They know there’s a lot of money at stake. They have lawyers and investigators working to try to limit your compensation.

Our firm has been fighting for the injured for decades

Our firm has the experience, legal knowledge, medical training and resources to help you fight back. Attorney Anne H. Pankratz is also a registered nurse who understands medical issues and can determine what went wrong with your diagnosis.

Our legal team investigates to get the facts. Our lawyers take action to gain access to records and other evidence controlled by medical professionals and hospitals. We identify and interview witnesses. We also frequently consult with medical professionals who can help us determine if accepted standards of care were followed.

Whether your case involved delayed diagnosis, cancer diagnosis or failure to diagnose, we can fight to help you recover the financial compensation you need and deserve. We are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome, whether it’s through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

Learn more about how our attorneys can help with your misdiagnosis case. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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