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How to Report Your Wichita Car Accident

Kansas car accident attorneyIn Kansas, drivers must buy personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance coverage. Because PIP is required, your own auto insurance company is going to be responsible for providing you with coverage for medical treatment expenses post-collision. This is true no matter who actually caused the collision. In the event injuries are serious or a wrongful death occurs and another driver was to blame for the accident, the other driver's insurer should pay economic and non-financial damages in excess of PIP benefits. A negotiated settlement, personal injury or wrongful death claim can make it possible for collision victims to seek compensation from the insurer of a driver causing a motor vehicle collision.

To get coverage from your own PIP policy and/or from the other driver's insurer if the other driver harmed you, you need to know how to report a car accident. Following the appropriate process can help to protect your rights and ensure you receive the coverage you both need and deserve.

How to Report your Wichita Car Accident

Following a collision, contact your automobile insurer as soon as physically possible and practical to do so. Your insurance card should be with you in your vehicle at all times and should have the contact phone number for your insurance provider. Most providers are open 24/7 to make it possible for policyholders to report claims immediately. Reporting a crash right away makes it possible for you to find out how to get medical attention that will be covered by your PIP policy. However, in the event injuries are life-threatening, get medical treatment right away and notify your insurer as soon as your condition is stable about the need for injury coverage.

Reporting to your own insurer is only part of the process. You want to make sure the insurer for the other driver is also notified of the collision. You should obtain detailed information from the other driver, including his contact information and insurance information. Speaking with an experienced auto accident attorney as early as possible will ensure your rights are protected.

Law enforcement should be called to the crash scene to make a report of the accident and to issue any appropriate citations. Not only will an accident report from law enforcement help you to prove who was to blame for the crash in case a dispute arises, but an accident report should also provide you with contact details on the other driver and information on the other drivers' insurer.

When you speak with your insurer, you must be careful what you say. You will need to maintain a consistent narrative about how the accident happened so you can show who is at fault. Do not admit responsibility or try to downplay injuries or say you are OK, because statements you make to the insurer could be used to undermine your right to receive full and fair compensation for all crash losses.  Consider speaking with a car accident attorney who can help you deal with the insurance companies involved.

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